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Why do people use cannabis anyway?

Sometime in our life, most of us will develop a chronic physical condition and we just won’t be able to get well.  Modern medicine tries to help but it doesn’t cure the disease, completely eliminate the problem, or control the symptoms (pain, anxiety, etc.).  We try the medications and get frustrated and depressed when we don’t get better.  

Then along comes the side effects. 

They can be worse than the disease.  We start taking medications for the side effects and get more side effects.   It’s so frustrating.  We are willing to try anything.  We try vitamins, essential oils, nutrients, etc.  Anything that proclaims it may help our problem.  But nothing seems to work.

Then along comes marijuana. 

It promises to help but it’s illegal.   Sure, in some states, it’s no longer illegal but by federal law it still is.  You can’t take it on a plane, out of state, across state lines.  It shows up on drug testing.  You lose your job.  You can’t get a job.  It makes you high.  Some like that.  Most do not.  Although they don’t like being high, it seems like the only way to get any relief.  But being high can lead to bad decisions/actions which can lead to bad outcomes (jail, injury, death).   What can we do?

I understand

I was in the same boat.  When it came to my knees and my pain, I was no different than you.  In spite of all my training and knowledge, nothing worked.  Pain medication made me so “loopy”, I couldn’t function—couldn’t think right—couldn’t work as a physician.  Had to go on disability.  Depressed.  Frustrated.  I tried the vitamins, essential oils, exercise, etc.  Thinking about medical marijuana.

Then along comes CBD.

I got the benefits of medical marijuana therapy without getting high.  My pain was gone.  I wasn’t “loopy”.  I could think straight.  I wasn’t impaired.  I was legal.  I could work again.  I am working right now as an allergist/immunologist at the age of 67.  I am enjoying life again.

Why do people use CBD?

Still don’t understand?  That’s what this website is all about.  It contains the scientific information I have learned about CBD-enriched hemp oil since I found it 5 years ago at CBD American Shaman.  I try to interpret and write the information in a manner that normal people can understand.  At times it gets pretty scientific but at the end of each section there a “Bottom Line” that summaries the information.  This website is a work in progress because new information is being generated every day about CBD and various conditions.  

My hope is that this website will be informative and beneficial to everyone who takes the time to explore it.  If you have a question, please contact me and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.

Disclaimer: I am a Consultant and Director of Research for CBD American Shaman

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