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A Positive THC Urine Test: “But I’m only taking CBD!!”

By CBD-DrBob | July 17, 2019

  More and more commonly, people with a positive urine test for THC are insisting they only used cannabidiol (CBD). Someone ingesting only CBD should not have a positive urine sample for THC. Individuals often assume they are taking only CBD because the product label says “CBD”. However, they may be taking hemp oil, which […]

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Sublingual versus Oral CBD—Which is best?

By CBD-DrBob | June 14, 2019

Many so called “experts” insist that holding CBD-rich hemp oil via the oro-mucosal route (holding it under the tongue or in the mouth) causes higher blood levels and increases bioavailability of CBD as compared to taking it orally (swallowing it). The theory is that when taken orally, CBD was being metabolized by the liver before […]

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Can I take hemp oil (CBD) safely while on other drugs?

By CBD-DrBob | April 10, 2019

The Research The major cannabinoid in hemp oil is cannabidiol (CBD) which is metabolized in the liver via hydroxylation by the CYP450 enzymes CYP2C9, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4.1  In animals, CBD has been shown to affect the metabolism of drugs that are metabolized by these and other CYP450 enzymes.1-6  This effect on other enzymes may not […]

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Can CBD cause Low Platelets?

By CBD-DrBob | March 29, 2019

The Research In a study of pediatric patients with Dravet’s syndrome epilepsy, high doses of a hemp-derived compound with a ratio of CBD:THC of 50:1 caused a  mild, transient thrombocytopenia (decreased platelet levels).1  However, this only occurred if the child was also on Valproate (a form of valproic acid used as an anticonvulsant).  The amount […]

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CBD Reverses Anatomical Brain Damage caused by THC

By CBD-DrBob | January 9, 2019

It is well established that chronic marijuana use in the teen years causes functional and anatomical changes in the brain and that these changes are somewhat permanent but just how permanent was unknown.1-4 Chronic marijuana use causes thinning of the hippocampus in humans (and animals).  The hippocampus, together with its extensive interconnections with other neural […]

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How does CBD fight cancer?

By CBD-DrBob | October 20, 2018

I have been getting a lot of questions about this subject. At present, there are 9 ways that cannabinoids have been found to combat cancer.(1) Cannbinoids: 1) Increase apoptosis of cancer (ca) cells (decreases the lifespan of ca cells). 2) Increase autophagy of ca cells (ca cells eating up themselves). 3) Inhibit metastasis (stops ca […]

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Cannabinoids and Breast Feeding

By CBD-DrBob | September 24, 2018

All the substances in cannabis (cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids) are excreted in breast milk. Just like in pregnancy, we need to weigh the risks of exposure of the drug to the infant against the risks/benefits of the mother taking the drug. When it comes to compounds containing THC, almost always the potential risks to the infant […]

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Cannabinoids and Pregnancy

By CBD-DrBob | September 24, 2018

Recently, I have received numerous requests for my opinion of the use of CBD-enhanced hemp oil use and pregnancy. Having been a practicing Maternal/Fetal Medicine specialist, I have seen the devastating effects on the fetus of maternal of drug use during pregnancy, both illicit and prescribed drugs. However, I have seen the effects of not […]

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Where should I buy my CBD?

By CBD-DrBob | September 12, 2018

CBD seems to be available everywhere—in vape and shops, convenience stores and gas stations, specialty CBD/Hemp Stores, and the internet, just to mention a few.  However, not all CBD products have CBD.  Independent testing has found that many products that are labeled as having CBD actually have no CBD and, if they do have CBD, […]

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How much CBD-enriched hemp oil should I take?

By CBD-DrBob | August 24, 2018

  The amount of CBD-enriched hemp oil that an individual needs is dependent on multiple factors: The weight of the individual (the volume of distribution of CBD within the body is greater than the total weight/size of the body, meaning it is distributed throughout all the body and concentrated in certain cells, including fat cells) […]

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The Entourage Effect

By Bob Kaufmann | August 22, 2018

  The entourage effect of cannabinoid activity was first described in 1998 when the biological activity of an endogenous cannabinoid (2-Arachidonoyl-glycerol) was increased by related, endogenous non-cannabiols (2-acyl-glycerols), which show no significant activity when used by themselves.1 In understandable English A compound that can bind to a receptor site is called a ligand.   (A receptor site […]

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