The Disease

Fibromyalgia patients have widespread pain, nonrestorative sleep, disturbed mood, and fatigue.1,2 The disease has no associated definitive histological or pathological findings associated with the symptoms.  The disease is characterized by hyperalgesia (increase sensitivity to pain), hyper-responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system and neuropathic pain.3,4 Based upon human research, a deficiency in the endocannabinoid system and low-grade inflammation in the CNS may be causative and/or associated with fibromyalgia and other diseases that were in the past thought to be neurological in nature.5-9  

Animal Studies

No animal studies of CBD and Fibromyalgia have been reported.

Human Studies

The hyperalgesia of fibromyalgia is associated with central endocannabinoid hypofunction in the spinal cord and endocannabinoids reduce this hyperalgesia.10,11 Natural and synthetic cannabis compounds improve the symptoms of fibromyalgia including the reduction of pain, feeling of well-being, sleep, and overall mental health.12-17  In fact, Cannabis has been rated the most effective therapy for fibromyalgia.18 

Bottom Line

Several studies have shown that cannabinoids have the potential to improve the symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.   However, at this time, the FDA does not recommend CBD for the treatment of anxiety and/or fear.

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