PTSD patients have uncontrollable, recurrent, frightening thoughts and emotions that are linked to their experience(s) of a shocking event that cause them to be unable to function normally in life.  PTSD causes the brain cells associated with emotions and memory to function abnormally which interferes with a person’s ability to think about and restored the memory of the event in a rational manner (called cognitive restructuring).

CBD reduces the anxiety/fear associated with recalling memories and allows them to be reconfigured in a manner that makes rational sense before being restored as a memory.  In case report of PTSD in a young woman who started treatment with CBD after 3 years of traditional medical therapy, significant improvement of her symptoms occurred within 5 months after starting CBD.  CBD appears to have significant promise in normalizing patients with PTSD.

However, at this time, the FDA does not recommend CBD for the treatment of anxiety and/or fear.

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